Appliance Descaler 5 Litre

  • Appliance Descaler & Tarnish Remover.
  • Enables rapid penetration and removal of scale deposits.  
  • Effectively removes all forms of metal tarnish, hard water scale, rust from ferrous metals and even brightens aluminium and chrome surfaces. 
  • The properties of this product enable it to be used extensively in the catering and food industries for general purpose cleaning and maintenance.
  • Safety clothing, goggles and gloves must always be worn when using this product.
  • MSDS Sheet available.

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Product Code: MKAP5
Case Price (ex VAT):£23.08
Case Price (inc VAT):£27.70
Case Quantity: 2

Case Quantity Discounts

1 - 2 Cases @ £23.08 Per Case + VAT
3 + Cases @ £20.77 Per Case + VAT
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