Housekeeping products can be purchased on line from Chef & Bar Supplies. From front of house cleaning products through to storage lockers and chemicals, we supply a vast range of housekeeping products to meet all your needs.

Front of House Cleaning Products encompasses polishes for surfaces, furniture, floors and carpets. Toilet and washroom cleaners, air fresheners, and drain cleaners are also available alongside cleaning cloths and general professional housekeeping products that are used extensively throughout the hospitality and hotel industries.

Toilet Rolls and Dispensers offer every choice for the commercial user. Standard and high quality toilet rolls for hotel rooms, bulk toilet tissue and jumbo rolls as well as a range of plastic, chrome or stainless steel dispensers to suit every budget and style.

Paper Handtowels and Room Tissue shows a range of handtowels to match every budget and quality requirement including the top quality linen style Swansoft Deluxe Handtowel. Handtowel dispensers are also available here. Hotel room tissue is an option in a standard flat box or a more decorative cube box.

Paper Wiper Rolls for Cleaning offers couch rolls, centrefeed wiper rolls and white or blue option paper rolls.

Refuse Sacks and Bins are an absolute necessity for housekeepers and from pedal bin liners, swing bin liners and clear sacks for laundry storage right through to heavy duty black compactor sacks and all grades in between, they are all offered here in many and various sizes. Pedal bins, swing bins and dustbins are also available.

Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener offers famous brand for standard laundry management and also Auto Dose Laundry detergents, cleansers and softeners for the industrial laundry installation.

Hotel Guest Products includes shampoo, shower gel and guest soap to make your customers stay both comfortable and luxurious.