What is the point of a blue paper wiper rolls in a professional kitchen? Why do such large quantities of paper wiper rolls get consumed in professional kitchens?

Paper wiper rolls, especially blue centrefeed rolls, have been the preferred ‘wipe-up’ method for spills, cleaning and polishing in professional kitchens for many years. They are certainly easy to use, convenient and cost effective. They are also easy to install, dispense and maintain with hard wearing, easy to clean centrefeed roll dispenser being readily available from Chef & Bar Supplies.

D10 Concentrate Cleaner SanitizerD10 Concentrated Cleaner Sanitizer is a highly concentrated professional Sanitizer product commonly used for high level kitchen sanitizing and cleaning.

But did you know it is also complies with BS EN 14476? This means that it can be used against Envelope Viruses such as Corona Virus - COVID-19.

The right disposable products are vital to any busy catering & hospitality business and paper napkins are certainly no exception to that rule. It is easy to underestimate just how many napkins the average restaurant or bar actually gets through on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, but it's just as easy to underestimate the sheer breadth of types of napkins available for different purposes and contexts.

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Northwood Hygiene Products, who supply all of the paper hygiene products to Chef & Bar Supplies, are Vertically Integrated. Often referred to as the Circular Economy, this means that for most products supplied to their customers, they manage the full supply chain, from recycling and raw material production to conversion and transportation of finished goods.

More and more caterers pubs, bars, nightclubs and leisure centres are starting to buy reusable plastic beer glasses from Chef & Supplies to use in their establishments, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Strong, attractive, and shatter-resistant, they are virtually unbreakable. These products hold many advantages over their glass alternative and are virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should make the switch.