Cocktail Suggestions

At Chef and Bar Supplies we have collated a mixture of classic and modern cocktails including cocktail preparation guides with ingredient breakdowns. Feel free to view the range, we add more each week.

Every cocktail recipe includes a number of suggestions for the type of glasses and accessories you will need to make the perfect cocktail.

To see our full online range of cocktail glasses, click here, the range varies from modern Stoneware Tikki Mugs to classic Crystal Champagne and Margarita Glasses to name but a few.  There are speciality glasses for Gin, Blue Hawaii, Procesco Shot, Daiquiri plus many more cocktail styles.

See our cocktail glass product list or visit our Cocktail Drinks Service for cocktail specific drinkware.

Cubra LibreHaving just returned from Cuba I have fallen in love with this drink along with the Cubate (dark rum). Yes you can use any white rum but my preference will always be Havana Club. Maybe it was the sun or the plastic cocktail glass, yes health and safety reaches Cuban shores. But it was a good cocktail.


50-50 Martini CocktailWith so many styles and mixes the Martini world can be confusing. Classic Martinis are still popular with "Pink Gin" or "Smoky Martini" to name just two. Then there's the "you've got to try this" essential collection which includes the "Dirty Martini", "Perfect" and the "50/50". So what's the difference? Where the perfect is a mixture of both dry and sweet vermouth, plus a good quality gin, the dirty is just the dry vermouth with the choice of either gin or vodka, finished off with olive juice.

Dry Martini"5 to 1" that is the preferred ration for right balance of a Dry Martini as stated by David Embury who experimented extensively looking for the perfect taste. I for one would've loved to be at that party.

Some prefer more Gin than Vermouth and so 6:1, 7:1 or even 10:1 can be a perfect Dry Martini for certain palettes.


Porn Star MartiniCurrently one of the most popular cocktails on many bar menu's, it was originally created in Australia and started to enter the London cocktail scene around 2003. The passion fruit, which is known to be an aphrodisiac is where it gets it's name. Eat the passion fruit first before drinking the Champagne and then enjoy cocktail.


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