D10 SmartDose Detergent Sanitizer 1.4 Litre

D10 Smartdose
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D10 Smartdose | Multipurpose Cleaner | D10
  • D10 SmartDose Detergent Sanitizer.
  • 1.4 Litre Super Concentrate Dispenser Bottles.
  • EN1276 approved detergent/sanitizer.
  • 1 stage clean and sanitize.
  • Perfect for Bars AND Kitchens.
  • Great for cleaning and sanitizing all non-pourous hard surfaces.
  • Developed for food and drink prep and service areas.
  • 30 Second Kill time in 2 stage cleaning.

How many refills & what are the costs per case of 2x1.5L? 

 288 x 750ml bottle refills


Compare that to the average price of any ready-mix product @ £1.20 per bottle. 10 X SAVINGS!

Easy to follow instruction chart supplied with every case will help keep your kitchen and food & drink service area’s in top condition.

This also reduces your plastic waste by up to 95% compared to ready made products. 

N.B. D10 Smartdose can be used in buckets & sinks for wall, floors and washing up. But this is not the most cost effective use of the product.


  • Fill the spray bottle/sink/bucket with water.
  • Twist the SmartDose dosing head to select the correct setting (Diagram shown on head).
  • Pull it up, push it down.
  • Add the product to the water filled spray bottle/sink/bucket.
  • Secure the spray head and shake the bottle gently or agitate i a sink or bucket to ensure dispersal.
  • You are ready to clean with the correct amount of product.

No guesswork! No overdosing! Always reliable and consistant results!

MSDS sheet available.


Product Code: 100916092
Case Price (ex VAT):£58.05
Case Price (inc VAT):£69.66
Case Quantity: 2

Case Quantity Discounts

1 - 2 Cases @ £58.05 Per Case + VAT
3 + Cases @ £54.99 Per Case + VAT
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